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"the quaint multilevel building is an exhibit itself" 

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TreeTop House in Monteverde at sunset

TreeTop House at night








TreeTop House at sunset  

 and at night

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Your opportunity to live your vacation in the TreeTops in Monteverde
Infra structure around off the main road to the Cloud Forest of Monteverde between the reserve of Monteverde and the village of Sta. Elena - Monteverde.
facilities bathrooms, kitchenette, TV, phone, WiFi, parking area, trails in the forest, close to waterfalls, recreation areas, alarm system.

All levels have separate entrances from outside and are inner connected. 

location 06 flower on propriety 2.jpg (310926 bytes) 06 outside propriety 1.jpg (432256 bytes)
the building   Monteverde Lodging in TreeTop House web galeria6.jpg (41675 bytes) TreeTop House from the outside

TreeTop Studio  



54.00 m

2 bedrooms



entrance r001-011.jpg (114481 bytes) TreeTop Studio living area TreeTop Studio bedroom web 080114 bedroom 2.jpg (161907 bytes) web 080114 look out front.jpg (193523 bytes)
web 080114 look back.jpg (183071 bytes) vacation home rental 3.jpg (132691 bytes) TreeTop Studio kitchenette TreeTop Studio shower floor

080820 outlook from bed.jpg (93872 bytes)

Entrance TreeTop Studio vacation home Monteverde r001-005.jpg (145557 bytes)   web 080114 outer treetop.jpg (297892 bytes)

r001-008.jpg (120958 bytes)

Canopy  Level bedrooms    
2 bed rooms

no bathroom

web P1220152.jpg (48476 bytes) entrance 06 flower on propriety 1.jpg (243012 bytes) Canopy level bedroom 1 TreeTop House Monteverde Canopy bedroom 30.00 m
bedroom 2a Canopy Level TreeTop House Monteverde   bedroom 2 Canopy Level TreeTop House Monteverde

28.00 m

      06 outside 2 level 4.jpg (436103 bytes) staircase to heaven web 080114 stairway.jpg (316262 bytes) r001-007.jpg (169915 bytes)

Forest  Apartment



65.00 m

1 bedroom


coffee bar

Forest apartment entrance entrance TreeTop House Monteverde - Forest apartment at night TreeTop House - Forest Apartment Monteverde beds TreeTop House - Forest Apartment Monteverde sofa area

TreeTop House - Forest Apartment Monteverde shower

  06 outside 1 level 1.jpg (392383 bytes) TreeTop House - Forest Apartment Monteverde terasse 06 outside 1 level 3.jpg (350196 bytes) RIMG0341.JPG (264119 bytes)

Jungle Floor  ( the owner's suite )


38.00 m

  1 bedroom



TreeTop House-jungle floor entrance entrance jungle floor bathroom in the TreeTop House 2 jungle floor bathroom in the TreeTop House 1 hang out on the jungle floor beds in the jungle floor
Forest area TreeTop House Monteverde monkeys 1 monkeys at TreeTop House Monteverde 1 monkeys at TreeTop House Monteverde 2 TreeTop House Monteverde monkeys 3
Garden area     sitting area TreeTop House TreeTop House garden area

garden decoraton TreeTop House

parking area    
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